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Mulled Wine Bath Salts Are Now A Thing For Our Tubs This Christmas

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Holland and Barrett are selling mulled wine bath salts – and they look like the perfect festive addition to our tubs this Christmas.

Let’s be honest – who hasn’t sipped on am mulled wine at Christmas and thought – “I’d bloody love to lay in a bathtub full of this”?

As always, some companies just know what goes on inside our weird little heads. Body On Demand have launched MULLED WINE BATH SALTS.

And they really look the part.


(Image: Body On Demand)

They’ve described it as:

Combined with fruits, spices and juicy cranberries to give you a deliciously aromatic experience, we’ve also mixed in a subtle shimmer to give you that warm Christmas glow!

I’m not sure how I feel about a mulled wine glow, but I’ll take the aromatic experience anyday.


(Image: Body On Demand)

Retailing at most stores for £10, Holland & Barrett are currently stocking them for just £6, AND they’re on offer as a part of their famous 3 for 2 offer.

Get yourself over to one today, or simply grab them online here.

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