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Is Our City Becoming A ‘Hair Tourism’ Hotspot?

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There are literally hairdressers and barbers everywhere in Manchester. And in a world where everyone wants to look their best for a selfie, it is no surprise that they are becoming more and more popular.

But one thing that hairdressers are noticing is that more and more people are coming to Manchester from abroad for haircuts.

Is this a trend? Are hairdressers the new spa day out? And what is so cool about Manchester and their salons?

Well I am going to tell you to show I really am a cut above the rest (sorry had to be done).

It is indeed a strange one, but the trend has been noticed by Melissa Timperley, owner of Melissa Timperley Salons in the Northern Quarter, who has seen a significant rise in the number of ‘hair tourists’ booking appointments. The salon has had clients visit from Switzerland, Dubai, Canada, the Lebanon, Germany and Ireland over the last six months alone.

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When asked why, Melissa said that visitors often say they can’t get the style they want in their own countries and choose to combine a great cut and colour with a weekend break.

And let’s face it Manchester does have it all. Style, Music, Arts, Culture and Bars so who can really blame them?

With cheaper pricing than London, and with amazing hairdressers like Melissa to choose from over here in Manchester we can see why they would want to come.

Hair Collage

What research is showing is that the latest trend is for friends to book in for joint or triple appointments at the same time. They can be transformed with a different cut and colour in two to three hours, and then go out around Manchester to the many great bars and restaurants to show off their new do.

Who wouldn’t want a great instagramable cut, a beautiful salon and a new hair style to really top off their weekend break?

Don’t worry though, even us Mancs can get appointments so check out Melissa Timperley Salons on Tib Street if you want to compete in the coming weekends.

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