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I Tried The Eyelash Treatment That Everyone’s Talking About – And It’s Changed My Beauty Routine

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Confession time: I’m extremely lazy when it comes to beauty. Sure, I wear a full face of makeup to work every single day, but I do my makeup on the bus in the mornings and there’s not a hope you’d catch me up at 6am making sure my contour is flawless.

So while I love obsessing over new products and tips and tricks, the main sell for me is “will this make me look fab with zero effort?”

After many a jolt on the bus scaring me off curling my eyelashes en route to the office, I decided I would try a lash treatment that promised curly, full lashes without the need for falsies.

Several of the gals in work are obsessed with the LVL Lash Lift treatment, a newish beauty treatment that’s received golden praise from bloggers and celebs. So what is it exactly?

LVL gives you the appearance of longer, thicker lashes – just one treatment and I’m hooked for life

Honestly? I knew from looking at their before and after photos to expect good results, but I couldn’t get over how amazing my lashes were.

Who knew they were SO long?!

Full Size Render 10

It’s only when I see before and after photos that I realise just how different my lashes look now

So, what is LVL?

By straightening your natural lashes at the root and then tinting them, the LVL Lash Lift gives you the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. No mascara, no extensions, no damage. The best bit is it lasts for up to six weeks.

Basically, it’s like a perm for your lashes.

The treatment takes about 45 minutes with an expert LVL lash technician (please gals, don’t let just anyone near your eyes) and it’s a closed-eye procedure too so you can have a little nap.

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My lashes were a bit tacky for the first 24 hours but after that they separated and looked so natural

Your eyelashes might feel a bit sticky for the first day but it will wear off and I was told how important it was to follow proper aftercare advice for so that my new glam lashes would last for the full six weeks.

You can’t get them wet or apply any heat for 24 hours (so no showering, steam room or hot hairdryer near your face) as this will cause the lashes to drop before they’re properly set.

I was given a little brush to keep brushing them upward for the first few days and you can even brush them out if you want a cat eye style or just up for the full lift effect. Conditionin serums help to make them feel extra silky too.

Full Size Render 12

Three weeks on and they look just as curly as they did on the first day

People noticed the difference in my lashes straight away, and I instantly felt prettier without makeup then I had before.

It sounds silly, but just having my lashes lovely and curly made me feel like my face was more done up without a stitch of makeup. Even being in the gym barefaced I feel smugly glam, while before getting the treatment done I would have been vain enough to put mascara on before working out.

It’s been three weeks since I got the LVL treatment and I’m impressed at how long it’s lasted: they’re still as full as before and while the tint has faded slightly it’s nothing that a swoosh of mascara (Urban Decay’s Perversion ’til I die) won’t fix.

Full Size Render 11

I never thought I would become addicted to regular beauty treatments, but I’ve accepted that I’m now gonna be an LVL lash gal for the rest of my days.

The LVL Lash Lift is about £50 on the high street – a small price to pay for such mega results.

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