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You Can Now Smell Like Gin All Day By Lathering Yourself In Gin And Tonic Body Butter

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As gin lovers we’ve been spoilt rotten this year.

With just about every flavour you can imagine now being offered, and even edible products tearing up the market, you might have thought you’d see it all.

Think again, friend.


(Image: Marks And Spencers)

This is GIN AND TONIC BODY BUTTER and as far as skin products go, it’s a game changer.
It consists of African cocoa butter and coconut oil and infused with a delightful, limited edition gin and tonic fragrance.

Marks And Spencers are the Messiah behind this creation and it’ll set you back £7.50.

More importantly though, and just when it couldn’t get any better – it comes with a red hanging strip, making this the ultimate bauble for your Christmas tree.

They’re currently 3 for 2. Who knows how long that will last for, but I’m thinking one for Mum, one for Nan, and one for ME because everybody I love deserves to smell like gin.

Take a look here.

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