Every Make-up Lover Needs This Beauty Product Of 2018 In Their Lives

This will solve a lot of problems!


New year, new you, right?

And how about some beautifully full, curly eyelashes to match that new 2019 persona? If you've always longed for lusciously long lashes and been struggling to find the perfect mascara for you, we may just have found the answer...

Waterproof mascara has always, in our eyes, been a marmite product - you're either all for it or positively loathe the stuff - and I've always been in the latter camp, if I'm honest. Let's face it, scrubbing it off at the end of the day is no picnic...

However, if ever there was going to be one to change our minds - it's this one.

Welcome: Lancôme’s Monsieur Big Waterproof Mascara...


Sweat-proof, long-lasting, and according to Pinterest's official figures - saves for the product have spiked over 316 percent since April 2018 - making it last year's (and the current) most popular on the social media platform.

If you're all about that low-maintenance, naturally fresh look where you're not in danger of looking too 'done' this is the one for you.

All the volume with none of the smudge, and according to the reviews, the brushes are expertly designed to separate your lashes and give them that great shape you've always been looking for...

You can grab Lancôme's Monsieur Big Waterproof from the official website for £21, if you're feeling like splashing out...

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