These Are The 5 Best Destinations To Get Some Cheerful Winter Sun

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Winter can really take its toll which is why it makes perfect sense to treat yourself to a cheeky little sun break.

There's no point waiting around for summer to arrive when you can just hop on a plane and escape this horrid weather.

There's loads of great deals to be found too, so this cheeky trip away for your dose of Vitamin D doesn't have to break the bank.

Here's our tried and tested, best-of-the-best destinations for some winter sun:

5. Tenerife

Tenerife ticks all the boxes for a sun holiday: sandy beaches that range from yellow to black, relaxing resorts and a buzzing nightlife.

The average temperature in February is 19°C, which sounds just perfect to us.

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4. Morocco

Agadir in Morocco boasts a fabulous February temperature of 23°C.

It has luxurious golf courses, a white sandy beach with a seaside promenade for post-cocktail strolls, and oh yeah, a desert on its doorstep.

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3. Malta

This beautiful island in the Mediterranean makes for a super-value winter break.

There's stunning architecture in the Old Town, cheap and tasty local restaurants and lots of activities for the whole family - from swimming with dolphins to cave exploring.

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2. Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is probably the liveliest of all the Canary Islands, with resorts and relaxing hotels all across the island.

Fancy a camel ride in the mountains, or simply feel like chilling by the pool? Well then, Gran Canaria is for you.

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1. Bali

Why not go a bit more exotic this Year?

Bali, a yoga-lovers paradise island off Indonesia, is the best place to put those healthy resolutions into place.

Known for its meditation and yoga retreats, Bali is a balmy 26°C in February.

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Go on pals. Treat yourself....

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